HR Solutions for SoCal

HR Solutions for SoCal was established in 2004. We have focused our practice on entrepreneurial startup companies and organizations which are going through fast growth.

HR Retainer Program

Let us create or recreate your entire HR Function. This approach lets us handle the HR issues while you focus on running your business.

Human Resources Audit

For organizations over 25 to 500 employees, let us examine your current HR function for compliance with state and federal labor regulations. We will write up a comprehensive report with our recommendations which you can use as a strategic guide for your action plan or hire us to put the plan in action for you.

Employee Handbook

Is your handbook compliant with California laws? We can audit your handbook and update it to get you into sync with the latest state and federal regulations. You may have legal landlines in your current handbook and HR forms.

Some of the prestigious companies we have worked with:

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