Legal Protection for Small to Mid-Size Companies

by | Jan 5, 2017 | News | 0 comments

Small to Mid-Size Companies need protection against strict California labor laws and lawsuits before they happen. And Dan Curtin is just the man for the job.

Curtin is a Certified HR Consultant who helps small to mid-size companies makes sure everything  related to employee management  is in order. With so many rules in the workplace, it is easy for  a company to  be out of date and out of compliance. Since the Obama administration came into power, “the number of legal  threats that can occur to smaller companies has increased”, said Curtin. Add the  stringent California employment regulations and many companies are vulnerable. Labor laws in California have pushed many companies away to other states.

Curtin helps keep small to his small and mid-size clients out of trouble and prevent job losses by preparing business owners to comply with all applicable regulations for their businesses. For example, if  supervisors are not properly trained in harassment prevention, a company can be face significant exposure to lawsuits. “I keep companies out of trouble from these  threats.” he said.

Curtin brings his 40 years of experience in HR and organizational management to bear for companies that need the crucial information now, before something happens. “I try to get them prepared so they know what they don’t know” He teaches managers to be aware of the discrimination  laws, and trains them properly, including  harassment prevention, and advises them on how to prepare a proper safety program.

There are many business owners scared to death of the government and liabilities in the workplace. Curtin reaches out to those businesses and offers advice on their specific vulnerabilities. “It can bankrupt companies pretty fast,” he said. If an accident occurs because an employee did not follow safety procedures, it leaves the business owner susceptible to being sued and fined with  large increases in workers compensation premiums.

“I proactively help business owners to fix vulnerabilities,” said Curtin. Most companies are not prepared for legalities in regards to employees. He ensures policies are in place by writing company handbooks.

Curtin also deals with initial recruiting being done properly and legally. “When it comes to hiring employees, too many companies do not complete the paperwork correctly and face costly audits. They do not know all of the rules, and that’s where I come in and give them counsel,” said Curtin. Dan  is certified by the HR Certification Institute and by the the Society for  HR Professionals. Curtin is the CEO and Sr. HR Consultant with HR Solutions for SoCal and has worked with companies in various industries from manufacturing, retail and logistics to marketing and internet technology. Call him to help your business.