Dan is a true HR professional. He is easy to work with and a self-starter. He is resourceful and knowledgeable and I can be called about his work anytime and he will always get a recommendation because he is deserving of it. Robert Morris

Retired VP of HR, Accuride International

We have worked with Dan during the time he was a senior manager at Red Bull and most recently while he consulted to the Colburn School in Los Angeles. He is a solid, HR professional, that is both well-grounded in the fundamentals, as well as being a strategic thinker. He’s always looking for innovative ways to meet the key challenges of the day…pushing the limits to improve performance. I highly recommend Dan to any organization looking to improve its human resources management and workforce. Eric Hertzog

Founder and President, Quest Consulting & Training Corp.

As a young CEO with a startup nonprofit, I was looking for an experienced and professional HR consultant to help me recruit a new executive team. Dan was exceptionally thorough, detailed and he delivered a high level of communication throughout the process. I subsequently employed Dan as a consultant on a number of different HR issues. If you are looking for a no-nonsense, straight talking expert, I cannot recommend Dan highly enough. Andrew McCluskey

CEO, Business & Marketing Strategy

Daniel Curtin is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable HR people that I know. He mentored me in my first real full time HR job. Without him, I wouldn’t be the HR Director I am. He gave me the knowledge and the room to make competent decisions and learn from my mistakes.

While at KLM-Cargo Service Centers together, Daniel accomplished a lot. He was very much interested in technology and he set up the corporate network and HR database. He achieved a major victory over a union in an NLRB hearing, trying to organize our Chicago operation. He Improved workforce greatly through pre-employment testing which improved our safety record, saved money on workers comp insurance and also helped to reduce turnover down to 27% from over 50% annually.

I highly recommend Daniel as an HR consultant, he will deliver results.

Sabrina Robinson

Human Resources Manager, KLM

Dan is a strategic and detail-oriented manager. He is also a great mentor. He lent his in-depth knowledge of Human Resources to me, in order to teach me the proper laws and procedures for LOA’s, Absence Management, I-9 Compliance, Record and File Maintenance. It was his passion for Human Resources that guided my career path in its early stages, and he has continued to be an excellent source of information and knowledge, when it comes to Human Resources Law and Policies. It was also his Tech Savvy that inspired me to be Tech Savvy in the Human Resources world.

So if you are looking for a Tech Savvy, Detail-Oriented, Reliable, and Strategic Business Partner, then Dan is your man. His leadership qualities will positively influence any team and assist any company in reaching its goals.

Noella Thompson

Talent Acquisition Partner, Novartis

Dan is a true professional in everyway. Dan reacts in a fair and compassionate way to all employees, vendors, and clients while keeping the best interests of the organization as a top priority. He has a strong work ethic and focuses on the necessary details to accomplish all tasks in a timely fashion. Dan is an asset to any organization. Peter Strahm

CEO and Founder, Nth Degree Innovations, Inc.

It is a real pleasure to write this recommendation for Dan Curtin. I have been assisting Dan with his recruitment advertising for one year now and have had ample opportunity to watch Dan flex his expertise in his assignment  with ABM.

It has been my experience to find Dan pleasant and professional having optimism, vitality and most importantly honesty. Dan is very goal oriented.

If you have the opportunity to work with Dan directly, I highly recommend you do so.

Jim Herz

Account Executive, Recruitment Services

Dan worked directly for me for a number of years, in a company that was labor intensive with a diverse workforce, ranging from blue collar up through executive level. Complicating matters, this was a multi-state business (21 locations), with over 1,500 employees and working for an international parent company. Dan is an expert at running a Human Resource Department, but more importantly, I found his input and direction regarding our benefits packages and his ability to “think out of the box” more spectacular. Whether it be sourcing staff, providing our managers with labor management direction, training managers, appearing at appeals boards, or working to manage/reduce workers compensation claims, he is an expert in his field. His overall business intelligence is well beyond any peer I’ve worked with over the years. Ernie Donner

VP Finance/Controller, Primary Freight Services, Inc.

As former Director of Consumer Development at Red Bull North America, I worked closely with Dan, who was Director of HR in helping to build the organization from less than 100 people to 700 people plus about 1200 external PEO part time sampling employees, many of whom we then folded into the parent organization. Dan’s professionalism, pleasant demeanor and clear expertise in human resources had a major impact on our ability to conduct such extensive hiring activity and manage a rapidly growing workforce effectively.

I consulted with Dan on several occasions regarding ways to optimize our hiring and review process, and received great assistance from him in addressing personnel concerns. His approach demonstrated a profound understanding of both legal and humanistic concerns. Dan also demonstrated initiative and forward thinking by proactively bringing new tools and methods to the organization to enhance hiring and managerial skills.

Having worked for other organizations as well, I’ve found that human resource departments at times are a weak link. It was refreshing to work with Dan and see how much value a good human resources professional can add.

I highly recommend working with Dan to handle human resources responsibilities and help advance the productivity of your organization.

Linda Rosenberg

Marketing Principal, Red Bull North American