Today’s Reality

The changing state and federal political and legislative landscape, government regulations, uncertain economy and changing demographics are forcing employers to take a hard “look” at what and how they manage their employee relations. Gallup and other surveys show that over 50% of employees admit to being somewhat or totally disengaged from their job and/or employer. How to re-engage them and handle the distractions of employee issues are two of the primary challenges facing contemporary management.

Creating a “Positive Work Environment” where employees’ on-the-job-needs are met, in alignment with an organization’s strategic direction, is the answer to those challenges. Staying in front of the changes in the workforce and responding appropriately to employee issues reduces the chances of having poor employee relations, conflicts and costly outcomes. Engaged employees translate to satisfied clients and rewarded stakeholders.

Our Solution

As business people, our goal is to provide our clients with support, guidance and expertise through training, services and consulting advice on employee relations and conflict management. Our value proposition to you is to guide you through the maze of government compliance and regulation and provide positive, proactive and legal approaches to your personnel management needs.

It all starts with a complimentary, no obligation conversation to discuss your organization’s employee relations, internal communications, management structure and strategic plan. Then, we audit your current human resources operation and talk to Human Resource’s primary customers within the organization, the other departmental managers. The results of the audit will determine if your employment policies and procedures are legally compliant, and you are using the “best practices” model to support your company’s interests today and for the future. Finally, we explore and help you implement forward thinking solutions to your human capital needs.

Do not let unexpected employee turnover, complex state employment regulations, threatened legal actions and other employee issues distract you from focusing on your core objectives. Our seasoned management consultants will collaborate with you to create a blueprint for a proactive approach to meeting your human resources needs. We want you to focus on your core business. Leave the “heavy lifting” in HR strategic planning and problem solving to us.

Our Services

  • Assistance in Recruiting, Prescreening of Key New Employees
  • Write or Enhance Position Descriptions
  • Performance Review Analysis, Review and Suggestions
  • Investigate Issues of Improper Employee Conduct
  • Ensure Compliance in Any Area Not Already Addressed Above
  • Affirmative Action
  • We can Audit your Human Resource Department or Function to Uncover Compliance Issues with California and Federal Labor Laws
  • HR Training (ex. Sexual Harassment)
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)- Organize Employee Records (Convert to electronic)
  • Background Checking (Partners)
  • Drug Screening (Partners)
  • COBRA (Bring in Broker Partners at no charge to clients)
  • Workers Comp Claim Investigations
  • FMLA Claims
  • FLSA Compliance
  • Revise the Employee Handbook
  • Review and Revise New Hire Paperwork
  • Establish Record Retention Schedules for HR
  • Benefits Review and Negotiations (Bring in Broker Partners at no charge to Clients)
  • Labor Relations (Union and Non Union)
  • Unemployment Claims Defense